We never confuse actuarial charts with real life.

Mind if we borrow your shoes? (We want to walk in them.)

This agency dates back more than 50 years, and rightfully claims a legacy culture and structure that allows for a very high-level work product. But never at the expense of basic human decency. We take pride in that.

Likewise, we are quietly proud of the family atmosphere in our office. It’s a place where folks have each other’s back; just as we collectively have our clients’ backs. Everyone is on the same page here. And everyone on the team celebrates the communications process—the dialogue—that ultimately reveals the true nature of our clients’ insurance needs. We encourage comfortable conversations in an effort to discover what you think and value.

Yes, we want to walk a mile in your shoes. Because there isn’t an actuarial chart on earth that can tell us what we need to know about you and your insurance needs. The way we see it, we are ultimately responsible for good outcomes should you have claims. Translation? Everything hinges on us understanding you.